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Epsom Community Sponsorship is part of the UK Government's Community Sponsorship scheme which enables communities to be directly involved in the resettlement of refugees in need of protection in the UK 

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In 2015, as a response to the refugee crisis unfolding across the world, Epsom & Ewell Refugee Network (ERN) was established to welcome and support asylum seekers and refugees in our area.  Our hearts went out to people who are fleeing war, persecution and danger in their own countries and we wanted to provide a welcome and support to any who found themselves close to Epsom & Ewell. The charity now has a strong reputation of offering excellent support to individuals and families who have re-settled to the UK over the past few years. 

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic the numbers of displaced people around the world has increased further with an estimated 1.4 million now in urgent need of re-settlement.  Re-settlement is only considered when it is not safe for a refugee to return to their home country and they cannot settle where they are displaced.  We want to continue to be a place of welcome for refugees so a group of volunteers from ERN have formed this new charity to apply as a Community Sponsorship group and welcome a new refugee family in to our community. To do this we need to make an application to the Home Office and be approved.   This involves raising money, getting people to support as volunteers, finding a friendly landlord with a property and lot of other planning to demonstrate that we have the resources to welcome and support a new refugee family.   You can find out more from this website and please get in touch if you wish to get involved or offer support. 


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