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We are a group of volunteers who are already involved in supporting refugees in Epsom and the surrounding areas and we understand the challenges families encounter when they have to leave the place they call home. At the moment, the only legal and safe route to welcome a refugee family in to the UK is through the government's Vulnerable Persons Re-Settlement Scheme (VPRS) and Community Sponsorship is part of this scheme. Very few are offered this opportunity but the need is great so we want to find a way to offer a family in need the chance to rebuild their lives in a community that we love.  




We have a Core Group of nine people working on this project and we feel we have a huge amount to offer a refugee family who are looking for a new start. The group will receive training from an organisation called RESET who are appointed by the Home Office to support Community Sponsorship groups. We will work together to plan all aspects of the application process and and present a detailed re-settlement plan with our application. The group has to satisfy the Home Office that we are capable of offering adequate support to a family who will most likely have suffered loss, trauma and possibly have special medical needs.   


"What if it were my family who were bombed, tortured, persecuted and forced to leave their homes?  What would I want for them if they arrived in another country?  Refugee families have suffered loss in so many ways, loss of home, loss of family, loss of culture and often loss of family members. A friendly face and someone prepared to help them build a new life is so important" 

"I wanted to help refugees for many reasons. From my own experiences of living abroad, I know how it feels to struggle to know a city, to be lonely and feel very lost, especially when there is a language barrier and a totally different culture.  I was fortunate enough to have lovely neighbours, some of whom were refugees, who couldn't do enough to welcome me and help me in day-to-day life despite their own hardships. My experience would have been very different without them.  I'd like to give something back and return the kindness and hospitality I experienced by doing all I can to welcome a family, give them the best start and help them flourish within our community"



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